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                Welcome To Zhejiang Huzhou China-triumph Intl Transportation CO.,LTD! Hotline: 0572-2899888


                服務范圍/Service scope

                關于我們/About us

                Zhejiang Huzhou China-triumph Intl Transportation CO.,LTD was established on the basis of the kayhya logistics company, which was held by the silk group of Zhejiang Province in 1999. It is an international freight agency, international trade and domestic transport approved by the Ministry of Commerce for the approval of the Ministry of communications, which has been approved by the Ministry of communications for the certificate of NVOCC. It is an international freight forwarder with agency, sea river joint transport, sea rail transport, warehousing service, customs declaration inspection, insurance, cross-border e-commerce logistics service and overseas warehouse. Hua Kai International is the earliest operation unit of the sea rail transport in the north of Zhejiang Province, and in the two district of the three county of Huzhou, the multi branch ship terminal and the railway freight yard are stationed, and the multimodal transport business is actively carried out. Hua Kai International is not only a member of the WCA global freight forwarding Union, but also MORE>>>

                新聞動態/News information